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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Many ways to live up to Rotary motto “Service Above Self”

Pictured: Kathy Warhola, Donate Life Ohio, and Shana Fair, speaker host.

“Service Above Self” means different things to different Rotarians. To some, it means supporting service projects with a donation of cash. To others, the motto means giving time to work on a service project.

Byesville Rotary guest speaker Kathy Warhola from “Donate Life Ohio” spoke to club members about an entirely different way to serve. Warhola stated that, “…currently there are 114,00 people needing an organ, eye, or tissue transplant.” For many patients, a transplant is their last option. Transplants help all age groups from infants to grandparents.

Warhola reported that during 2018, the Guernsey county area had the highest number of organ donors and the highest number of transplants than any previous year. Unfortunately, part of this increase is the result of the increased use of opioids. Many families choose to donate the organs of a loved one as a way to insure something positive results from that person’s death.

This is what your decision to make this very personal donation can do. Warhola explained that 1 person’s willingness to donate tissue can change the lives of 50 or more people. Donated corneas restore sight; tendons rebuild joints; heart valves repair defective hearts; veins restore circulation; skin helps heal burns; and bones can prevent amputation. Tissues are used to repair combat injuries and insure children with bone cancer can run and play like other kids.

Warhola stated that an organ donor can save up to 8 lives. People who need organs such as a heart, liver, lung, or pancreas will die without a donated organ. People who need a kidney can be freed from weekly sessions enduring kidney dialysis.

At this time, about 3,400 Ohioans need a transplant. Two hundred of that number need an organ transplant. One of these patients dies every 48 hours because there are not enough organs to meet needs.

Each one of us can do something to help solve this problem. This is how you can register to become a donor. 1) Register when you renew or apply for a license. 2) Register on-line at 3) Fill out and send in a registration form. The forms can be found at the BMV/. Find out more about tissue and organ donation at

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