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Location: Stop Nine Senior Center at 60313 (GPS use 60299) Southgate Road, Byesville .

Club officers 2019--2020

President--Chuck Fair

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Treasurer--Jan Wilson

Secretary--Shana Fair

Membership Chairs--Rhonda Stemmer and Phyllis Millhone

Board members:
Debbie Meade--term ends June 2023
Becky Bruner--term ends June 2021
Rhonda Stemmer--term ends June 2022

Friday, November 23, 2018

Mid-East graphic arts program hosts Byesville Rotary

Pictured: McKenzie Decker, Graphic Arts student, and Owen Williams, Graphic Arts instructor, examining student accomplishments recorded on “Badges Earned” records.

Byesville Rotarians met at Mid-East Career and Technical Center Buffalo to see what is new in the Graphic Arts Program. Owen Williams, Graphic Arts instructor, and McKenzie Decker, student, spoke to the club.

Williams pointed out the “Career Tree’ poster prominently displayed in the classroom. Graphic Arts is more than just painting and sketching. Wilson indicated that the tree graphically points out the different types of careers a student can aspire to with an educational background in graphic arts. Additionally, the tree also indicates the educational level needed for each career.
Club members noted that students graduating from the graphic arts program offered by Mid-East can lead to jobs immediately after graduation. However, if a student wants to continue his or her education in graphic arts, the program at Mid-East is and essential first step.

Williams and Decker pointed out the student badges earned records that hung around room. Each badge recognizes a student’s accomplishments. Some badges indicate that a student has mastered a particular skill or a specific graphic arts tool or piece of equipment. Students who earn all badges available from the Graphic Arts program, will be certified in graphic arts for 3 years. Additional badges recognize awards earned outside the Graphic Arts requirements such as earning a spot on the Dean’s list or providing customer service.

Products and designs produced by Graphic Arts students can be purchased by local businesses or community members. Not only do the students produce the products, they also operate the “business” and are responsible for customer service and insuring their customers are satisfied. Williams recommends that people interested in employing Graphic Arts call Mid-East Buffalo in the afternoon. Williams reported that in 2017-18, the Graphic Arts students dealt with 40-50 work orders.

Decker and Williams exhibited many of the items produced at the school. Products include a Mid-East coloring book, several children’s books written and illustrated by students, calendars, and logos unique and distinctive logos designed for local programs and businesses.

The program has added a laser engraver to the equipment the students learn to use. This piece of equipment can engrave almost anything. Including wood, plastic and glass, One of the Rotary members would like to have the students try engraving on ceramics. Students have produced engraved wooden tickets that serve as both tickets and souvenirs of an event, coasters, and wooden boxes. Williams display a chunk of stone that has been engraved.

During a short business meeting, Melinda Yerian and Jim Vaughan, co-chairs of “Breakfast with Santa,” the club’s next public event reported on progress planning the breakfast. They asked that club members bring candy canes to the next meeting so that Santa will have a treat to give to the kids. The time for the breakfast start has been changed. Breakfast will be served at the Stop Nine Senior Center on Saturday, December 8, starting at 8:30 and ending at 11:00am.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hospice director visits Byesville Rotary

Pictured: Lorraine Teague, Executive Director, Hospice of Guernsey, Inc., and Shana Fair, speaker host.

Hospice director, Lorraine Teague spoke to the Byesville Rotary about services offered by Hospice of Guernsey, Inc. Teague pointed out that Hospice is a non-profit that has been providing services to Guernsey, Belmont and Noble Counties since 1985. The main focus of the Hospice staff is service to the patient and their family members. Services are funded by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. Families are not billed.

Teague stated that Hospice has a staff of 31 who are prepared to meet all of the needs of the Hospice patient and his or her family. Hospice uses a team approach to insure all patient needs are met. Staff includes registered nurses, home health care aides, social service workers, and pastoral and dietary counselors plus an art therapist ad bereavement support. Once a patient has been admitted to Hospice, a nurse is assigned as the patient’s primary care giver. The nurse will visit the patient at home as needed—typically 2 times a week. The social worker will visit about 1 time a month, and home health care is provided2 to 3 times a week.

The Hospice team steps in to provide care whenever a doctor, hospital, or someone close to the patient refers the patient to Hospice. Teague pointed out that anyone can contact Hospice to discuss patient services. If appropriate, the Hospice medical director will get a referral order from a doctor.

Teague explained that Hospice services are provided once it is determined that a patient has become terminally ill and expected to need services for 6 months. At that point treatment shifts from curing to providing comfort. Hospice care is provided in the patient’s home or in a nursing home based on the patient’s choice and needs. While Teague acknowledged that it is often difficult for families to accept that their loved one is coming to the end of life, she stated that early contact with Hospice insures that the patient and family have time to consider their options and to insure the patient has control over how and where the patient spends the rest of his/her life.

Hospice serves patients of all ages with many types of illness. Staff helps manage symptoms ranging from physical to spiritual pain. Bereavement support continues for the family of a patient for up to a year after the patient’s death.

Hospice has begun their annual holiday fundraiser. Dove ornaments can be purchased for $6.00 in memory of a loved one or gifted to family or friends. For more information about the- ornaments or about Hospice in general, contact 740-432-7440 or 1-800-283-0316.

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